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Target Foodie Finds

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Target used to be my afterthought in the "foodie department." Meaning after I grabbed what I needed elsewhere, I would browse to see if there was any fare that crossed my eye. Now, with organic produce, a variety of finds and brands that I love, this store has a LOT more meaning in my menu planning life! How about yours?

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I'll be honest, I am super picky with breakfast these days! Other than my Chocolate Chip Protein Loaf, not much is interesting me. For one, I like sweet, two...I need filling, and three, I stick to lower-carb for the most part. So, when I founds these, Dark Chocolate Waffles, from Kodiac Cakes, I was thrilled! They aren't reduced fat, but that + the a higher protein, you will be super satisfied till lunch.


Love my Banza! It has totally brought the pasta experience back in full force AND who knew that Target even carried it! With at least 4 varieties at my local store, boredom is not even a possibility! Toss the noodles into your salad, mix them into some marinara or pesto and you've got yourself a perfectly yummy meal!


The amount of real estate the yogurt people must rent from the shelves is insane! Certainly making it hard for us consumers to choose a right fit! However, when I noticed that this TWO GOOD brand has 80 % less sugar because it’s made with a unique slow straining process that removes sugar from the milk, leaving 2g of total sugar in each 5.3oz cup. Wow!


Speaking of yogurt, how about those Bolthouse Farms dressings? Clearly they take our salads to a whole new healthy level, but I've been known to use this gem as a dip, sandwich topper and mayo replacement for tuna and pasta salads. There are a ton of fun flavors too!


I'm almost positive we tried this sparkling water for the first time in Florida. All four of us were pretty much infatuated. The ideal balance of bubbly essence made this budget friendly brand an awesome find for us! We even finished the case with the weather that week, being way too cold for our vacation.


Because every good post should end with chocolate...just like our day. And, let me tell you this is not just any chocolate. Once you go GHIRARDELLI, you will never go back. To put it into perspective, my kids usually fight over who gets to dump the bag into our designated canister with a small handful missing. Guaranteed!

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