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5 Ingredients I Can't Survive Without During Quarantine

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Let's face it, *21* meals doesn't even qualify any more, it's more like 210! Snacks, desserts....the dog. I'm not ever looking for meals and ingredients that we love so much at this point, but more so what will stretch us out through the week. Posted a few ingredients below that have been my crucial "go-to's," and get a bit frantic lately if I don't have tons of backup!


BBQ sauce is not all created equally the same! Some are sweet, some spicy, etc. etc. We've been through the saucy road and Sweet Baby Ray's is our #1 pick! A hand's down winner for my 3-Ingredient BBQ Drumsticks But, that's not all! Soaked it up in ribs, sweet & sour meatballs and even cooked it up into a pizza sauce for company!


This seasoning is a bit newer in my repertoire, but definitely had a crush on it for some time!. Nutritional yeast is a basically a powder that is a deactivated yeast that has nutty, cheesy flavor. However, what I love best is its nutritional value. High in protein, low in sodium and an antioxidant on top of it all. Been sprinkling lately some on our popcorn for movie night, tossing it on roasted broccoli for an extra kick and also starting to create some pasta and rice dishes. Stay tuned for more on that....


From oatmeal cookies, loaves and pancakes almond flour has been the star of the show. I find the taste more attractive than coconut flour, not to insult of course. Plus I love how it keeps me satiated and satisfied with only 80 calories a serving! Did I mention its grain free, gluten free and paleo/keto friendly? U-huh!


Because every good post should end with chocolate, I've found a brand to love! It's just the right amount of decadence balanced with guilt-free sensation. LILY'S melts perfectly, bakes up like a dream and best part? No added sugar! Total bullseye! Psst....ordered on Amazon!

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