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3-Ingredient BBQ Drumsticks

  • Kid-Friendly

  • Make In Advance

  • Leftover Chicken Salad

Guess what the the #1 key step to delish drumsticks is? Nope, not the "cooking technique" or the "chef!" LOL. Answer is marinating them over night OR for at least 6 hours. Guys, this is a crucial element, because let me tell you, I've done it all last minute and the outcome is just not the same! So, whether it's Memorial Day, Labor Day or somewhere in between, make sure you meal plan this one a bit on the early side The rest of it is literally a piece of cake!



Serves - 8


  • 2 pounds chicken drumsticks, patted dry

  • 2 cup favorite barbecue sauce red bell pepper, seeded & cut into bite sized chunks

  • 1 tablespoon GOYA adobo seasoning



1.) Sprinkle seasoning all over chicken legs both sides and then place in (2) large re-sealable bags.

2.) Place chicken into a large re-sealable bag and marinate with all but 1/4 cup of the sauce.

3.) Heat grill to high heat and grease the grate with oil or spray. Cook the drumsticks for 10 minutes and then flip over and cook for additional 10 minutes to crisp them up.

4.) Transfer the chicken to an indirect heat and brush with a bit more sauce. Cook for about 20 minutes more or until charred on outside and cooked through on inside.

5.) Remove from the grill and serve!



-BBQ or BBQ grill pan

-Measuring cups and teaspoons

-2 large resealable bags


-BBQ tools

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