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My Favorite 3pm Snacks

Few Ingredients

Protein Packed


How come it seems that the stretch from lunch to dinner is so much LONGER than from breakfast to lunch. Too many hours on my watch to last, which is why the 3PM snack is crucial for busy bodies like us! Here are a few of my favorite "picks," that thankfully also have few ingredients and take barely any time to prep.

The only warning I've got for you is that, "nuts" take up a lot of real estate in my post, so flip the screen if you are not a fan. But, as we didn't already know, as a small refresher according to the book, Superfood Nuts, "nuts are nutritionally dense and packed with omega-7 fatty acids, cancer-fighting fiber, and satiating protein—and they're delicious, too!"

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I just love popcorn, always have and always will. Cheesy, kettle, you name it, however, often times I feel myself reaching back for the bag after my small serving has dwindled away. Adding cashews to the mix, not only adds antioxidants, but also packs a meaty texture that keeps me satiated until till dinner. As of lately, I'm loving Trader Joes's Lite Kettle Corn

and my kid's do too! Great for school lunch or homework snack!


Who doesn't like Cheez-It? Seriously one of my all-time favorites as a kid, so naturallyI was super psyched to discover this brand. Especially given my complete infatuation with cauliflower stuff these days! From The Ground Up created these crackers that are the perfect nosh when that "salty craving" hits. The serving size is a nice size too. Paired up with a scoop of hummus, you've got yourself a truly delicious snack.


Typically, when I'm out and about, another PM nosh I love, is a warm latte coupled with a portion-controlled oatmeal cookie OR a bag of high fiber cereal. Just a few tiny rules with this combo. One, the latte should never have any syrups involved or whole milk as a base.

I prefer to stick to a plant-based soy or almond milk if available. Matcha lattes are another wonderful option with super healthy benefits.


Don't laugh at me, but carrots with nut butters hold a close candle next to pb & j. While apples and bananas are familiar options to us, carrots happen to have less sugar per serving AND are easier to dip. Plus they have an awesome crunch and texture. Peel them in advance and chop up for an easy "go to grab," with a small container of almond butter on the side.


Parfaits...(sigh!) They can be the absolute best or absolute worst 3PM snack there is. Clearly we know that a scoop of low-sugar yogurt with berries and a spoonful of granola or peanut butter is a grand slam. But...if that yogurt is packed with crabs, loaded with honey and

crunchy stuff, we are in big fat trouble. Personally, I always keep some plain Chobani or flavored Siggi's in my fridge. (BTW - Siggi's is debuting with plant based yogurts..Yey!)

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