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Trader Joe's Fall Finds 2020

Fun & Tasty Condiments

Healthy Baking

Fast Sides For Meal Planning

Attention busy people! Super excited to share with you another post on my Trader Joe's faves, Fall addition. Once a month or so, I peruse my favorite foodie shelves at the local TJ's to check out what's new and exciting! Come for a look and check out what my latest nibbles are this season.

Finding a good dressing with "good ingredients" is like winning the lottery! (Well, kind of!) I must admit, I am a bit fussy when it comes to this condiment guys because often times I'll use it 10 straight days in a row. No joke! First off this guy only has 40 calories per serving, but what I didn't expect was the exceptional flavor that went along with it! Sweet, spicy and a creamy kick that perked my salad right up. Bet it would taste amazing as a marinade or drizzled on some roasted veggies too!


I'm a sucker for meal planning with frozen fries! Now, I am aware that Trader's makes their own, Julienned Root Vegetables, which I have not tried yet and this partucularreview is not for those, but if anyone has a sample for me, pass them right along. Love to try them. I typically save my frozen fries for one tray dinners. Perfect paired with baked wings or tenders; even to tossed next to flounder or flaky salmon. The best part of this combo is that each bag is comprised of a rainbow of color and vitamins. However, my only warning is the carrots and beets cooked up a bit soggy compared to the other veggies. I didn't mind it so much, but for my "extra crispy" husband, it was a bit of a disappointment.


Move over, "Everything But The Bagel Seasoning," you've had your turn in the spotlight! Nori Komi Furikake only recently entered my life and cabinets but you'll be seeing a lot more easy meals with this seasoning. Rice, fish, udon is the obvious choice for use, however a little birdie told me I must try it on my eggs and popcorn too! I'm listening.....


Peter would be jealous that he never got a chance to try TJ's canned pumpkin. Why? Well a true bargain at $1.99, this puree is organic, amazing texture and the perfect spicy balance that many canned pumpkins lack. I like to sub this in as an oil alternative to my Fall loaves and make-ahead cakes. But, it's also delish in a seasonal smoothie, soups & coffee and tea blends!


Ending with something super fun that I tried to hide from my kids for a snowy day, but they found! At under a $1.00 this little nibble caught my eye, so sucker or not, had to grab a few. Have not tried them out yet, but how can they be bad? LOL!

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