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Shortcut School Lunches - Trader Joe's 2021

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Trader Joe's Finds 2021
Lunches Kid's Approved!

Attention busy moms! "What's For Lunch?" has become the new question around town and you aren't one bit alone if it's giving you heart palpitations. Just like you, I needed a little guidance, so decided to check out good ole' TJ's for some quick hacks and help. Here's what I found...

A frozen mix of berries is winning the lunch lottery. All the kids have to do is dump a bag into a blender; add milk, honey or yogurt if they choose for the easiest smoothie ever. The frozen berries gives it that icy cold thickness without watering it down.


Not a TJ's brand, but was sitting pretty in the frozen section as well. SUPER easy to prepare in the microwave, (much longer in the oven). Could have been a bit gooier in the cheese area, but Ella liked the flavor of the soup broth. Pair it with the crackers shown below and you've got great little lunch package ready to go.


A definite hit in the cracker department in my house! You've got that "famous" EBTBS flavor coating a crunchy yummy nibble. Again, pair it with soup or a smoothie and it's a total score!


How freaking cool are these guys? We all love the cauliflower cuties so let's give our kids something to brag about? Outside-in but still prepped up simple and fast! Stuffed with none-other than cheese and sauce, does it get any yummier? I think not!


Frozen food at its finest and definitely my kid's favorite of all. With it's quick cooking time and magnificent texture, that we ask ourselves, "how in the world does TJ's do it?" Insanely good!

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