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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Easy Breakfasts

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Attention busy moms! This is all pretty new for me. Relying on one particular supermarket to fulfill my daily meal planning needs. Yet, TJ's has become somewhat of my "happy place" these days. Cheaper produce, trendy finds and walking away with packed cart under $200.000 is a true golden ticket. Come along and check out what my latest finds are.

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An organic acai bowl that is "ready to go," is like winning the breakfast lottery. Especially without at $12.00 price tag attached to it. (They sell for $4.49 last I checked.) They are gluten free and easy to assemble. The only catch here is my 13 year old is not a big fan of coconut!

My favorite thing about these "Almond Meal Muffins," is the 1st ingredient, which was true to its name, almond meal. Great breakfast item for a baked treat on-the-go! My only negative feedback, is the small size of the muffins, but at least they are only one serving each.

A definite hit in the school snack department. The "buttons" come in a multitude of mango flavors. Easy to peel and no added sugar. Non-messy and lot's of fun to eat too. Total score!

Vegan whip that is low in sugar, creamy and a yummy topping for sliced strawberries, bananas and blueberries. I've also spooned a dollop of cream on my almond milk latte. Hmm..wonder how it would take to a cup of coffee?

Frozen food at its finest. We were entertaining the first time I spotted these guys and made them for the kids in just under 12 minutes, but guess who stole them all? The adults! Perfect for a game or company. However, additionally for "quickie kids dinner" complete with a side of veggies and fruit of course!

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