Meet Nic!

Hi! I’m Nicole Meyer, but feel free to call me Nic or Nicky.

Through a ten year stint in Corporate Real Estate and raising 2 kids with a 110 pound Bernadoodle on the side, I've found my true calling as a Meal Planning Specialist, Cookbook Author, Food Personality and Entrepreneur.

It’s all about confidence for the busy, whether that’s a 9 to 5 behind a desk, crazy mom at work coming home to three little kids, or anyone who wants some help and needs a boost in the kitchen. People struggle with feeding their family and everybody has different reasons. We’ve become so busy as a culture, and meal planning is just one added thing to the list that can bring on stress, so my job is to take that stress away with the proper tools, shortcuts and time management tricks.


"It’s OK to do a shortcut. It’s OK to buy frozen cauliflower rice. No one is judging, you’re going to get the same health benefits, and you’re going to save time. Ninety percent of it is really planning because anyone can read a recipe, but it’s getting the whole act together by organizing the week and building on that. There are 21 meals in a week that we’re responsible for, and that’s a lot of meals."

Follow along with my #Meal-Planning-Movement. There is nothing I love more than sharing what I know with YOU!

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