Review – Maroni Cuisine Restaurant – Approximately 25 course Chef Tasting Menu (I kid you not)


This past weekend on our anniversary (11 years!) Eric and I had the privilege of sharing one of the BEST culinary experiences of our lives.  3 of our very close couple friends came along for the dinner (or feast if you will) at Maroni Cuisine that was not 3, not 5, not even 10 courses long.  It was 20-something crazy, mouth-watering, decadent dishes.  You think I am kidding?  Check out my list to prove it:

Seafood Platter, Burata With Truffles, Chicken Spinach Sausage, Triple Prime Steak with Dirty Onions, Conch Fritters, Mediterranean Lobster Fra Diavlo, Zucchini Gagootz Piccata, Edamame Dumplings, Million Dollar Potato Chips with Caviar, Mama Maroni’s Famous Meatballs, Homemade Spaghetti Pomodoro, Baby Kobe Cheeseburgers, Fresh Shrimp Scampi, Truffled Grilled Cheese Explosion, Chilled Lobster Soup, Prosciutto De Parma, Boar, 5-Hour Braised Oxtail with Sweet Carrot Puree, Lobster Salad Crunch, Lobster Spoons, Clams Oregana, Dessert Platter

Now for a sample of the pictures (in no particular order)



If your mouth is literally on the floor, you are not the only one.  Check out the ZAGAT Survey review!!


In case you can’t see it clearly, that is a 28 for food!! I’m not quite sure if I have ever even seen a higher score.

And now for the man behind the magic……


Michael Maroni is a “self taught chef who is passionate, down to earth and spirited. If you allow him to help you make your course selections you will always be satisfied.” He walked me through the spotless kitchen where I got to see the magic happen.

What I didn’t know was that they have a magnificent party room that my friends and I got a lovely tour of .  Maybe somebody can throw me my next big birthday there…hint hint!!

IMG_8936 IMG_8934 IMG_8933

If you thought that was all….not so fast.  A little friendlyMaroni Cuisine “saucy” souvenir to remember, cook with and dream about.


Maroni Cuisine
18 Woodbine Ave.
Northport, NY 11768
(631) 757-4500
(I encourage you to make your reservation 4 weeks in advance!!)